Virtus Material Size Reduction

Who is Virtus Equipment

Virtus Equipment Inc. manufactures and distributes rugged size-reduction equipment such as shredders and granulators. There are several thousands Virtus machines operating in United States, Canada and Mexico.

Virtus facilities in Northbrook IL, USA,  offer testing services, sales, spare parts, service, technical support and training.

Virtus is one of the few manufacturers in the world that
produces its own granulators, shredders, pulverizers, and conveying systems. When in need of recycling equipment, customers can deal with one supplier for a seamless size reduction
system including controls. Whether you are processing 100 lbs./h or
15,000 lbs./h, Virtus has the correct machines for the application.

Virtus equipment: heavy-duty shredder
Heavy-duty shredder


Virtus line of shredding equipment includes machines of various designs and production capacities.


Virtus granulators are very versatile and economical.

sound-proof granulator
Sound-proof granulator
Plastics recycling line
Turn-key recycling

Turn-key recycling facilities

Virtus offer one-stop shopping for best plastics recycling equipment in the industry.