LOG Injection Molding

Who is LOG

LOG is a worldwide brand dedicated to helping plastic processors compete more effectively in a global market.  Whether your plastics molding operation is local, or half way around the world, LOG have the equipment, engineering expertise, and support to satisfy you.

LOG Injection Molding Machine distributes a wide range of cost-effective high-precision, plastics injection molding machine in North America.   The entire LOG team is dedicated to improving your overall plastic injection molding productivity and profitability.  We work with you to ensure we are providing the best plastic molding solutions based on your application and business requirements.  You can count on us for advanced technology, application expertise, and after-sales support.

The company which fabricates LOG machines is called NINGBO CHUANGJI MACHINERY CO. LTD. The firm is located in the Simen Industrial Zone,  City of Yuyao, Zhejiang Province, considered the center of China’s plastic machinery industry.  From the time LOG brand-name  officially came out on the world market in 2007, the company’s sales network has expanded from mainland China to more than twenty overseas countries.

Since LOG equipment is priced so aggressively, the company’s proud motto is:


injection molding machine
LOG A8-160T all-hydraulic machine

A8 Series All-Hydraulic

This is LOG’s most cost-effective line of all-hydraulic machines with variable displacement pump. Main features include:

♦ KEBA KePlast controller

♦ Easy access injection unit to the barrel and screw.

♦ Energy-efficient Yuken variable displacement pump

♦ Linear guide-rails, built-in carriage cylinder and integral casting 

♦ 5 point double toggle clamping unit.

♦ Multi-step pressure, speed, and time control for plasticizing.

♦ Auto grease lubrication on the tie bar. Auto oil lubrication on the toggle. 

♦ Full compliance with OSHA safety regulations.

S8 Series Servo-Hydraulic

LOG’s workhorse for the North American market is this servo-hydraulic S8 Series covering clamping forces from 90T to 2200T . Its technical specifications call for Rexroth hydraulic gear pumps and servo-drives, Vickers directional valves, and Schneider electrical components. These critical components are well-known, reliable and readily available parts on this continent.

Main features of the S8 servo-hydraulic series include:

♦ KEBA KePlast controller

♦ Injection unit with easy access to the barrel and screw.

♦ Energy-efficient Rexroth servo-hydraulics yielding up to 80% energy savings compared to conventional hydraulics.

♦ Automatic adjustment of clamping force.

♦ Five-point double toggle clamping unit.

♦ Multi-step pressure, speed, and time control for plasticizing.

♦ Auto grease lubrication on the tie bar. Auto oil lubrication on the toggle.

♦ Full compliance with OSHA safety regulations

injection molding machine
LOG S8-90T servo-hydraulic machine
LOG injection molding machine
LOG AD-100T All-electric machine

AD Series All-Electric

The AD Series all-electric machine lineup  is designed for high-precision, cost-effective and low-noise plastic injection molding operations.  Its excellent accuracy and high injection speed makes it an ideal platform for fabrication of specialized parts such as optics, electric and electronic components, as well as medical devices. The clamping force spans from 30T to 180T. 

Machine main features include:

♦ High-precision clamping mechanism equipped with force detecting sensor

♦ Double pull nozzle design

♦ Injection unit direct drive mechanism affords high rates of injection

♦ Ultra-strength steel frame reduce vibration caused by fast machine cycles

♦ Full compliance with OSHA safety rules

♦ Suitable for manufacturing parts made from a wide range of engineered resins.