Equipment from CAG Technologies

Equipment and Products from CAG Technologies

CAG Technologies  company owns a  18,000 square foot warehouse facility in Mississauga, Ontario. They offer equipment and products such as the PURESTREAM Process Cooling Chillers, Comfort Cooling Range Chillers, Spot Coolers and Water Piping designed to meet the stringent cooling requirements of today’s advanced equipment and processes.

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Mini-Cube chillers

Cooling Equipment

The CWT, Chill-Cube, Mini-Cube, CWE and CWB Purestream chillers are designed to meet today’s rigorous equipment cooling requirements and advanced processes. Purestream chillers provide precise control of water temperature while operating over long periods of time with varying load demands for many industries and applications. All units are equipped with the necessary components to ensure safe, reliable and economical operation in terms of energy consumption. Purestream Chillers are available in stock from half ton to 40 ton. Larger sizes are available upon request.

Nitrogen Generation Equipment

NOVAIR presents the new generation of
NITROSWING® modular PSA generators which is the result of years of research and development 

The equipment offers:

Increased purity stability
Unprecedented energy efficiency
flexibility and reliability:
Instant optimal working conditions
Easy instruments upgrade

The generators can produce nitrogen with a
residual oxygen content ranging from 10 ppm
to 3.0 vol%.-

Nitrogen generating equipment
NITROSWING Nitrogen Generating Equipment