What We Sell

This is the equipment  we represent:

 (i) cost-effective injection molding machines fabricated by  LOG Company 

(ii) Material size reduction equipment sold by Virtus Equipment

(iii) 3D printing equipment sold by Agile Manufacturing 

(iv) process chillers and on-site nitrogen generation by CAG Technologies. 

In addition, we also deal in used plastics machinery and auxiliary equipment.

LOG equipment: all-electric machine
LOG All-electric Injection Molding Machine

Injection Molding Equipment by LOG

LOG Injection Molding Machines are the workhorse of the plastics processing industry. Because they are reliable, cost-effective and easy to operate, they appeal to most small and medium size plastic parts manufacturers. LOG is a reliable partner when it comes   to technology, application expertise, and after-sales support.

LOG injection molding machines are manufactured in sizes from 30 tons to  2,200 tons clamping force. They come in fully-electric, fully-hydraulic, and hybrid designs, offering solutions to most injection molding applications requiring precision, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Equipment and Products by CAG Technologies

CAG Technologies offer a  full range of compressed air / gas / vacuum purification, piping, condensate processing, nitrogen generators and water chiller products. 

Their process chillers, comfort coolers and on-site nitrogen generation equipment come from Europe and use the latest technology.

The Canadian government regulations are quite strict to ensure that all industrial equipment  meets the appropriate safety standards. To this end, CAG Technologies is very proactive in obtaining the necessary electrical and pressure vessel approvals for every province.

equipment industrial water chilling equipment
Process Water Chiller

Material Size Reduction Equipment by Virtus

Material size reduction equipment  supplied by Virtus consists of shredders, granulators and pulverizers. They are all of solid design and rugged construction. As a result, these two important features affords them high reliability on the factory floor. 

Thousands of Virtus machines have been sold in North America in the last decade.

Virtus equipment: heavy-duty shredder
Virtus Heavy Duty Shredder
3D Systems Printer Bank

3D Printing Equipment

Agile Manufacturing carries 3D printers from two of the best US manufacturers: 3D Systems and Markforged. Printing technologies represented are Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Digital Light Projection (DLP).