Do you know who represents LOG injection machines in Canada?

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Press Release

I am pleased to inform our audience that PAE Inc. has been selected to represent the LOG brand of injection molding machines in Canada. In a recent Press Release, Tom Breslin the president of LOG company in Northbrook, IL , said, “We are fortunate to have the PAE organization as part of our team”.

LOG Injection Molding Machines are configured from the worlds most famous brand: Eckerle from Germany, Vickers from USA, KEBA from Austria, Phase from Italy, Yuken from Japan and so on! These world class suppliers are key to the quality of the LOG Injection Molding Machines.

“We are fortunate to have the PAE organization as part of our team

LOG Injection Molding Machine manufactures a wide range of high-precision, plastics injection molding machine for diverse plastic molding applications.  LOG is dedicated to improving the overall plastic injection molding productivity and profitability.   LOG will work with the customers to ensure they are providing the best plastic molding solutions based on specific applications and business requirements.  LOG can be counted on for advanced technology, application expertise, and after-sales support.

LOG has three main machine platforms

A8 Series      Cost effective, all hydraulic units with variable displacement pumps

S8 Series       Servo-hydraulic high energy efficient and precision plastics injection molding machine

AD Series      All-electric high-precision and energy-saving machines

LOG is a worldwide company dedicated to helping plastic processors compete more effectively in a global market.  Whether your plastics molding operation is local, or half way around the world, we have the equipment, engineering expertise, and support to meet your injection molding machinery requirements.

Why buy used when you can buy a brand new LOG?

S-8 Servo Injection Molding Machine Features

KEBA KePlast controller

Easy access injection unit to the barrel and screw.

Energy-efficient Rexroth servo driver and gear pump, 20% – 80% energy saving compared to conventional hydraulic system depending on cycle time.

Linear guide-rails, built-in carriage cylinder, and integral casting ensure proper nozzle alignment.

5 point double toggle clamping unit.

Multi-step pressure, speed, and time control for plasticizing.

Auto grease lubrication on tie bar. Auto oil lubrication on toggle. Manual lubrication on Die-height adjustment.

SPI pattern ejection:

Other Features

  • Auto-tune PID temperature control
  • Pre-heating & heat guarding function
  • Auto-purging function
  • Screw cold start prevention
  • Linear adjustment of the proportional valve
  • Parallel movement control
  • Multi-core pull
  • Automatic adjustment of clamping force
  • Automatic mold height adjustment
  • Static monitor and alarm functions for injection end position, injection time, cushion position, mold open and close position
  • Alarm system for controller hardware and mechanical error
  • Mold protection

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