Cobots – What are They?

Cobots are the new generation of collaborative robots that will revolutionize the manufacturing industry. Why? because cobots can work side by side with the human operators without hurting them. The level of safety technology they employ is impressive: as soon as their moving part gets closer or touches a human operator, they stop instantly. It is quite amazing to see how a cobot arm stops when you put your hand in its trajectory.

The application on the manufacturing floor are endless. For instance, in the machine industry they are used to perform various operations such as drilling, deburring, assembly and testing. In the plastics manufacturing, their main application is in machine tending which means, for instance, to place a metallic insert in the mold prior to molding the plastic part. Or, removing the plastic parts from the mold and handling it for further post-molding processing, Or – and this is my favorite- creating flexible palletizing stations to load pallets with boxes, shrink-wrapping the pallets and sending them to the shipping dock.

Doosan is the South-Korean manufacturer of industrial manufacturing cobots with a strong presence in many countries. Doosan cobots are distributed in Canada by Rotalec Inc. of Montreal, QC who in turn is supported by several system integrators and sales agencies. One of the sales agencies in our firm, Plastic Automation Engineering Inc.

Stay tuned for further news in this exciting field!

Rotalec-Doosan Robot application

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