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Plastic Automation Engineering Inc. is a Toronto-based manufacturer’s representative company providing sales, marketing, technical support and engineering services to the Canadian plastics industry. In addition, the company deals in buying and selling used plastics machinery. The firm was formed thirty years ago by Nick Doiu and George Vasilca, two experienced technical entrepreneurs. Over time, PAE has built its reputation through business integrity, promoting high-technology equipment, and excellence in customer service.

Over the years, PAE has represented several major plastic processing original equipment manufacturers (OEM), such as Battenfeld, Toyo, and Negri Bossi.

Currently, our company is the exclusive Canadian representative of two manufacturers:

(1) Woojin PLAIMM Co. Ltd., a South Korean original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of high-end plastic injection machines. The territories covered by the exclusive distribution rights include all Central and Western Canadian provinces, from Ontario to British Columbia.

(2) Virtus Equipment Inc., an American supplier of plastic material size reduction equipment located in Northbrook, IL. The representation agreement covers all Canadian provinces.

Nick and Chris at Woojin’s Headquarters in South Korea in December 2019

At Woojin HQ in South Korea


“Our aim has always been to
deliver tomorrow’s technology today”

Nick Doiu, Co-founder and General Manager


What can PAE do for you?

Assist with project development and  technical specifications for the

desired production equipment.

Help you select the best suited  plastic molding machines

or size reduction equipment for your application.

Offer equipment finance advice and networking.

Provide multi-faceted technical support and training.

Offer 24/7 equipment monitoring, troubleshooting and service.

Provide technical assessment and trade-in services for your used machinery.




Our Principals

Woojin Plaimm

The South-Korean original equipment manufacturer Woojin Plaimm, is one of the most innovative companies of advanced injection molding machines in the world.

Picture shows the Woojin manufacturing palnt
Woojin Plaimm complex in South Korea

Headquarters of the company are located at 100, woojinplaimm-ro, jangan-myeon, boeun-gun, chungbuk-do, Republic of Korea. At the same location there are several of the company’s manufacturing divisions such as casting, machining and assembly.

Local offices for Business Development for South America and Canada:

WJP Machinery S.A. de C.V.

Carr. Miguel Aleman #804, Local 6

Col. Hacienda Las Fuentes San Nicolas de los Garza

Nuevo Leon C.P.66477, Mexico

Business Development Manager for Latin America and Canada:

Portrait of Jeff Yoon, Business Development manager for South America and Canada
Jeff Yoon, Business Development Manager

Mr. Jeffrey Yoon

Phone: + (81) 1090-8726

Email: jeff@wjpim.com

The company has sales offices, manufacturing facilities, support centers, manufacturing representatives and affiliate agencies in twenty six countries in Asia, North America, Europe and Africa.

Picture shows a modern control system for Woojin machines
IMC 700 machine controller

Visit Woojin’s website and Virtual Showrooms at www.woojinplaimm.com

Links to injection molding equipment and corporate informational videos published on You-tube:

  1. WOOJIN PLAIMM company : https://youtu.be/YeWMMbGQnbo
  2. DL-A5 series introduction : https://youtu.be/ewP7UohjEQk
  3. TE280A5 in Koplas 2017 show : https://youtu.be/yKSKSIxHSgE
  4. TH280A5 in Koplas 2017 show : https://youtu.be/mGPNJcOZNkk
  5. DL-A5 series introduction 2 : https://youtu.be/2KtqiHFnaEc
  6. TH-A5 series introduction : https://youtu.be/pfsTBypytg4
  7. TE-A5 series introduction : https://youtu.be/dOvKZ3pK7yE
  8. VHA-RS series introduction : https://youtu.be/zsc10fmXdsU

Virtus Equipment Inc.

Virtus Equipment manufactures and distributes rugged size-reduction equipment such as shredders and granulators. There are several thousands Virtus machines operating in United States, Canada and Mexico.

Virtus is one of the few manufacturers in the world that
produces its own granulators, shredders, pulverizers, and conveying systems. When in need of recycling equipment, customers can deal with one supplier for a seamless size reduction
system including controls. Whether you are processing 100 lbs./h or
15,000 lbs./h, Virtus has the correct machines for the application.

Heavy Duty Series Shredder Up to 15,000 lbs./h

Virtus facilities in Northbrook IL offer testing services, sales, spare parts, service, technical support and training.

Virtus Equipment is the leading supplier of recycling equipment for demanding plastics size reduction.  Our industrial single shaft shreddersheavy duty granulatorsbeside the press granulators, and pulverizers, along with accessories like blowers, conveyors, and metal separation have made us an integral link for the plastic recycling industry.

After all, Virtus Equipment’s plastics recycling machinery is ruggedly built, powerful, and low-noise omitting.  Offering the capability to size reduce a wide range recyclable material.  

Powered by German engineering, our stand-alone units and custom-built systems provide efficient, reliable, and safe service — with great results.  

Companies of various sizes rely on our plastics size-reduction solutions for their primary and auxiliary processing equipment. As such, Virtus Equipment plastic applications, such as reduction of large extruder purgings, processing entire batches of reject molded parts, shredding extrusion, thermoforming, injection molding and blow molding trim and flash, plastic film bales, and bales of PET bottles, are all processed by the same basic single shaft shredder and granulator  designs.  Virtus Equipment is able to offer solutions for the recycling of most recyclable materials.

Visit website at www.virtus-equipment.com


Woojin Injection Molding Technology

Woojin’s injection molding technology is wide-ranging, covering equipment with clamping tonnage of 30 tons to more than 4,300 tons, full-electric, full-hydraulic, and hybrid. Woojin focuses on latest technologies to offer power saving and high-precision machines.

Representative plastic injection equipment is shown below. For full technical specifications contact our General Manager Nick Doiu or check the complete Woojin machine catalogs.

General Purpose Grade G5 Series

This series include the following models:

DL-G5 General purpose two-paten energy-saving hydraulic machine

TB-G5 General purpose energy-saving hydraulic machine

TE-G5 General purpose energy-saving full-electric machine

Injection molding machine of G5 Series
DL-G5 General purpose two-platen energy-saving hydraulic machine

All G5 series machines are controlled by the versatile IMC 700 15″ touch-screen controller.

Use the link below to download the complete Woojin general purpose machine catalog to see equipment specifications, options and customer support information.

Premium Grade Product

Premium grade products includes the following models:

DL-A5 Premium two-platen power-saving half-nut type (version 1 and 2)

TH-A5 Premium hydraulic power-saving servo toggle type

TE-A5 Premium full electric power-saving toggle type

Injection molding machine of Premium Series
DL-A5 Premium two-platen power-saving half-nut type

All premium machines are controlled by the powerful IMC 500 18.5″ touch-screen controller.

Check out this link to Woojin’s YouTube video on these machines.

Use the link below to download the complete Woojin premium machine catalog to see equipment specifications, options and customer support information.

Multi-Color Injection Lineup

This lineup includes the following models:

NC-G5 Multi-color dual-injection power-saving hydraulic

TE-NC Multi-color dual-injection power-saving electric

Dual-injection molding machine
NC-G5 Multi-color dual injection power-saving hydraulic

All multi-color series machines are controlled by the versatile IMC 700 15″ touch-screen controller.

Use the link below to download the complete Woojin multi-color machines catalog to see equipment specifications, options and customer support information.

Vertical Machines Lineup

This lineup includes the following types:

VH-RG5 Low floor vertical power-saving hydraulic

VHA-RS Vertical power-saving hydraulic

VHL-RS Low floor vertical insertion power-saving hydraulic

vertical injection machine
VHL-RS Low floor vertical insert power saving hydraulic

All vertical machines are controlled by the versatile IMC 700/400 15″ touch-screen controller.

Check out this link to Woojin’s YouTube video on these machines.

Use the link below to download the complete Woojin vertical machines catalog to see equipment specifications, options and customer support information.

Woojin Speed Club

The Speed Club is a very innovative feature offered by the company. It is based on the unprecedented speed of today’s communications, and works as follows:

  • Dispatch support team in 24 hours. Once the Woojin experts are notified about a machine downtime, they immediate diagnose the issue on the phone or online, and reach the customer’s site within 24 hours.
  • Mobile progress monitoring. Customer can review the machine repair progress in real time by phone. (in deployment)
  • Dedicated before-service team. Woojin’s local specialists will routine visit customer’s site to check the condition of the machine and offer advice on productivity improvement.
  • Woojin will extend the warranty of critical parts if needed.
Speed Club remote control center
Woojin Integrated control center in South Korea

Virtus Recycling Equipment Technology

Industrial Shredders: Solutions For Recycling Plastics

Single shaft shredders designed for a wide range of plastics recycling applications. See technical specifications and application guides on the manufacturer’s website.

Slow Speed Plastics Granulators

Ideal for injection molding – beside the press granulator – minimized dust and reduced noise.

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Our Company

Plastic Automation Engineering Inc.

PAE Logo
Delivering Tomorrow’s Technology Today TM

We are the exclusive representative of two principals:

Woojin Plaimm Co. Ltd. of South Korea, one of the leading manufacturers of high-end plastic injection machines. Our distribution rights cover Ontario and all Canadian provinces West of it.

Virtus Equipment Inc. of Northbrook, IL, a US supplier of plastics recycling equipment. Our distribution rights cover all Canadian provinces

Situated in Toronto, Ontario, we are perfectly located to serve the major plastic processors dealing with the food industry packaging clients and automotive parts manufacturers.

Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold:

  1. Establishing trustworthy relationships with our customers for the mutual benefit of all parties.
  2. Assisting our Principals to enter and expand in the Canadian markets.

Our Values

Our unwavering values are business integrity, reliability in delivering high-end technology, and excellence in customer service.

Our Capabilities

  • Sales and marketing.
  • Application engineering.
  • Equipment finance advice and networking.
  • Personnel training.
  • Real-time remote equipment diagnostic.
  • Fast, on-site equipment troubleshooting and service.
  • Equipment trade-in services

Our Leadership Team

Nick Doiu, General Manager

Nick is a seasoned businessman and technical entrepreneur in the Canadian plastics industry. His name is well known and highly respected by his customers, vendors and partners.

“My goal has always been to deliver tomorrow’s technology today at the best possible price”.

Contact Nick at 416-938-3648 or nick.doiu@paeinc.ca

Portrait of George Vasilca, marketing manage
George Vasilca, Marketing Manager

George is a retired Professional Engineer and technical entrepreneur in the field of high-technology. He has promoted innovative manufacturing methods on a variety of his projects.

“I am a believer in the success of advanced technology providing it’s properly selected for the application “.

Contact George at 579-881-8724 or george.vasilca@paeinc.ca

Portrait of Chris Breen, Technical Services Manager
Chris Breen, Technical Service Manager

Chris Breen is a name well known in the Canadian plastics industry. Over his successful career, Chris has provided technical service and support to many injection molding processors in Canada. His reputation stems from his professional knowhow, experience with a variety of machines, and his professional conduct.

“My greatest job satisfaction comes from maintaining the highest possible machine uptime for my clients”.

Contact Chris at 905-409-4796 or chris.breen@paeinc.ca


“Just want to let you know, you couldn’t fine a better person for technical support. Chris is hard-working, honest, and very reliable, not to mention his knowledge of equipment, particularly injection molding machines.”

Ravi, Owner, JMR Plastics, Mississauga, Ontario

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