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Why? Because we know the plastics industry in Canada. We know how it works, we have lived its ups and downs for several decades, and we are confident in its future. We represent the equipment and technology required to make your company successful.  Not only that, but we are trustworthy, reliable and dependable.  You can trust us, you can rely on our equipment and services, and you can depend on our commitment to you.

If you are a general parts processor, call us now. If you are a supplier of specialized plastic parts to the automotive, medical or pharmaceutical industries, contact us without delay. If you need shredders, granulators or pulverizers, request information from us right away.

Delivering Tomorrow's Technology Today

The technology we represent aligns with the major trends in the industry and today’s societal demands. For this reason, our products incorporate  the most advanced and reliable technology available on the market today.  This means that many years from now, the equipment purchased through us will not become obsolete. On the contrary, it will perform reliably and bring you constant profits as today.

Major Trends in the Plastic Industry
Advanced Injection Molding Technologies
Advancements in Machine Construction

Equipment and Services

Woojin injection molding machines are amongst the most advanced on the market today. Their premium grade line exhibits high-precision, fast cycle time and real-time process parameters monitoring .

Multi-color machine

These days, society  demands that manufacturing of plastic parts should be done in an environmentally sustainable manner. This simply means that recycling capacity is a must for each plastics processor.

Application Assistance

PAE will work with you to define the technical and commercial  parameters of your project as soon as you call us in.

Application engineering is one of our strengths that we’ll be glad to put to work for you.

Finance Assistance

PAE is well connected with several financial institutions that offer financing packages for industrial equipment. 

Once you decide to buy from us, we will facilitate the financing of your purchase to suit your particular needs.

Installation and Startup

No matter how advanced the equipment is, if it’s not properly installed and setup from the beginning, it will never reach its peak  performance. 

This is where we come in. PAE technicians or manufacturer’s specialists will assist with the installation, initial setup and startup of your machines. 

Technical Support and Service

You can count on our first class technical support and service. We’re just a phone call away from you.

Regardless of your location in Canada, our technicians will come on site as soon as possible.


Any plastics machinery will perform as good as its operators.  The higher its level of automation, the more knowledgeable the operators must be.  This truth requires that traing of the operators be considered as investment in people, rather than a production expense.

Trade ins

As you modernize your manufacturing facility, we will work with you from the onset to help you sell or trade-in the existing equipment you no longer need. 

Our connections in the plastics manufacturing industry, both in Canada and US, should guarantee that your redundant machines will get a fair price on the used-equipment market.

Why Choose Us

Reliable Partner

We see the business relationship with you, our customer, as a win-win partnership based on trust and mutual interest.

We believe that win-win attitude should be the foundational stance for all fruitful and long-lasting relationships between humans and business entities.

Dependable Technology

As we build reliable partnerships with you, we’re also committed to using to your advantage the dependability of the technology offered by our principals.

Which are the elements that make a technology more dependable than other? Here they are: the design and  construction of the machine, plus the supporting systems and structures around it. 

24/7 Support

Technical support and service make the supporting structure of your equipment.

One of the main features of plastic products manufacture is that in most cases it’s a day and night operation.

The machines must run continuously 24/7 to meet the production schedule  and be profitable to the owners.

Excellent Value

When it comes to pricing, PAE Inc. believes that the best way to judge an investment in production  equipment is not to label it as high or low, but rather by assessing the value it brings to the owners.

The proper question to ask is “what’s the return on investment?”, not “what the price of the machine?” The lower the return on the investment, the better the value of the production asset.

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